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With rising energy costs, the need to conserve heat and reduce utility costs becomes even more necessary.

Increasing the efficiency of your listed or historic building is often thought of as an impossible task, due to strict restrictions and laws.  But installing secondary glazing is one of the most effective ways of increasing the thermal performance of a building, reducing heat loss by up to 50%.

Storm’s bespoke secondary glazing is a magnetic system which creates a thermal break preventing cold transfer from the primary glazing fabric to the aluminium framed secondary glazing.

The thermal image below clearly shows the heat loss through the primary glazing before secondary glazing is installed (left) and after secondary glazing is installed (right).

Single glazing is a poor insulator of heat, but secondary glazing provides an excellent thermal barrier -  as good as or better than double-glazing.

To achieve optimal thermal performance, our lowest U-value low emissivity glass can be used in the glazing.  Storm uses 4mm toughened Pilkington 'K' glass which has a coating on one side to reflect heat back into the room whilst still allowing heat to transfer. Thermal losses are dependent on the frame material, the quality of the fit of your primary windows and the glazing materials used.

This is why a highly-trained Storm surveyor measures each and every window aperture prior to manufacturing and is able to offer a variety of glazing options such as low emissivity ‘K-glass’, UV blocking films and solar rejection filters to suit your needs.



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