Long Mynd House

Recently the National Trust announced funding for investment in energy saving initiatives through its Carbon Challenge and the team at Long Mynd carried out an investigation into where major savings could be made. 

David comments, “Long Mynd House was modified 10 years ago to add central heating and has supplementary heating from a wood burning stove.  The valley is always cool and damp, even in Summer, and the stove is in use for much of the time." Internal View of Long Mynd Window with Secondary Glazing

"Our regional Environmental Practices Advisor suggested that we talk to Storm Windows as the company had undertaken work at a number of other National Trust properties.  I wanted to be sure that we could see measureable results from their window systems, so Storm helped us undertake a thermal survey of the house which clearly showed what I was already experiencing - significant heat loss through the windows.”


"As the property isn’t listed, so aesthetics were not a prime concern but, as the property is my home, I was keen to ensure that the installation did not have a negative impact on the appearance of the windows or reduce the amount of light entering the building.  From the outset, I was very impressed with Storm’s products and how unobtrusive they are.”Before thermal picture of Long Mynd Secondary Glazing

Martin Walford, Technical Director at Storm picks up the story, “A total of fourteen units were fitted into the property consisting of a mixture of two and three pane horizontal sliders and our basic slimline units.  Most of the installation was straightforward, apart from a triangular shaped window set into the eaves which was tapered to a point.  It was important that we carefully calculated the size and shape of our secondary glazing to exactly match this, out of square, triangular window to ensure maximum benefit from the secondary glazing.”

David continues, “We were aAfter thermal image of Long Mynd secondary glazinglways impressed with the quality of manufacture of Storm’s windows but I have to admit to being a little dubious about the ultimate benefits of having the secondary glazing fitted before we started.” continues David.  “However, since fitting has taken place I have found a significant difference in the level of comfort and warmth in the property.  Even in the Summer the Valley is cold and damp at night and I have already noticed that I don’t need to light the wood burning stove as often.”

“However, the biggest surprise is the level of sound insulation.” says David, “During the summer and at weekends throughout the year we get around 350,000 visitors to the valley, including over 21,000 school children.  The majority of visitors come in cars or coaches which pass quite close to the property.  I have certainly noticed how much quieter it seems with the secondary glazing – especially the noise from the school children!”

“I was very impressed with the installation team who worked tidily and quickly and apart from a serious deficit in the biscuit department, I wouldn’t have known they were there. The windows themselves look great, they are hardly noticeable and a number of my colleagues have also commented on how discrete they are, especially as they are colour matched to the white window frames.  But the proof of the pudding is in the thermal pictures which clearly show the reduced amount of heat escaping from the windows.



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