Brook House Refurbishment

Brook House is an end of terrace home in a conservation area in a Warwickshire village. Originally four separate cottages (one dating back to 1730, the other to around 1800), Brook House was saved from demolition and made into a single residence in the 1960s.

Painstakingly renovated using reclaimed materials such as old beams (complete with so-called witches' marks), gravestones (for the fireplace) and an impressive cast iron spiral staircase rescued from a Coventry bookshop during the Blitz, Brook House is an impressive sight and considered one of the most important buildings in the conservation area to which it belongs.

Storm Windows bespoke secondary glazing for Brook House

The only real problem with the house stemmed from its original windows. Nine of the original casement windows remain intact and together form an important part of the overall look and style of the house but unfortunately, they are single glazed and with very thin glass. This meant that the house could be very draughty and, where it faces out on the village green, occasionally very noisy. While the current owners were happy to replace unattractive, incongruous windows, they were not prepared to part with the attractive small-paned casements, so they decided that secondary glazing was the best solution for the problems they were facing.

Storm Windows bespoke secondary glazing for Brook House

After finding the Storm Windows website and perusing some of our other case studies, they were worried that their relatively modest residence might not fall within our remit, or that they might not be able to afford our rates. Happily, neither of their reservations were necessary and once they agreed to our extremely competitive quote, we got straight to work, completing the job quickly and with a minimum of disturbance.

Storm Windows bespoke secondary glazing for Brook House

Once the work was completed, the owner was very happy with the result. Each of the problems she had been facing were solved by the installation of the secondary glazing.

As it happens, the week that the work was completed was a particularly cold one, sinking to -3 degrees celsius at night. Whereas the house warms up nicely when the heating is on, it does cool down significantly at night. On that first night, however, the house was so unusually warm that the owner actually made her way downstairs in the middle of the night, assuming she had inadvertently left the heating on.

Storm Windows bespoke secondary glazing for Brook House

The noise problem has always been exacerbated by the house's position right on the village green. With the secondary glazing in place, however, the traffic and the voices of passing people can no longer be heard and the house, as a whole, is noticeably quieter.

Storm Windows bespoke secondary glazing for Brook House

Furthermore, the owner no longer has to wipe up condensation every morning as she used to and the house feels considerably brighter, almost as if the secondary glazing is magnifying the available light.

Overall the owner is absolutely delighted with Storm's work.

"I really cannot praise Storm Windows enough," she says. "My house is warmer, quieter, brighter and altogether more comfortable. Everyone was so helpful and efficient. The fitting was really painless and no mess either." She adds, "My only regret is that I did not do it years ago."



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