Creative ways with windowsills

Creative ways with windowsills


Windows might be there to let in light and let us enjoy the outdoors whilst inside, but their sills also provide us with ready-made shelves that offer the perfect space to get creative.

We love to see the inventive ways people make use of the window ledges of their houses when we’ve finished installing secondary glazing in their homes. Windows naturally draw the eye because they are intended to be looked at, so windowsills are prime targets to be adorned with clever little decorative details or treasured objects that add interest and a little bit of ‘you’ to a room.

If you’re not making the most of your windowsills, look at them afresh and think how you can make them a stand out feature. If you’re short of ideas, we’ve gathered a few of our favourites to get you started.


Add a touch of glass


Add a touch of glass

Sometimes, the perfect accompaniment for glass, is glass. Some carefully chosen glass items that tie in with the colour scheme of your room can be simply stunning on a sill, radiating colour throughout your room as they diffuse the sunlight and adding a distinct touch of class.

Whether you want a modern or more traditional look in your home, there is glassware available to suit both contemporary and period interior designs.


Candle in the window


You don’t have to wait for Christmas to crack out the candles. They exude warmth and cosiness with their subtle glow at any time of the year and work for windowsills whether on their own or as part of an arrangement with ornaments or plants.

The range of candle holders available means you can make your display utterly unique and, for ambience, they can’t be topped. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching a flame softly flicker and opting for scented candles means you can stimulate more of the senses and fragrance your home to suit your mood. Let them shine!


Indoor garden


Plants are the obvious go-to when it comes to windowsill adornment. They’re a great choice to add colour and bring a little touch of the outdoors into our homes.

There’s also a plant to suit every room and every person, from stylish orchids and bonsai trees to luscious foliage and flowers.

If you know you’re not green-fingered in any way and want a fuss-free option, go for a selection of cacti and succulents that need very little attention. We love this made-to-measure windowsill cactus garden.


Creative containers


A few cut flowers, foliage or even twigs from the garden can look just as beautiful if arranged the right way. Give the vases a rest and get creative with the containers you use for a more eye-catching composition.

Try teacups and copper jugs, baskets and even tin cans.

We found some great suggestions for DIY vase alternatives on, but let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with!


Rock the pretty pebbles


Rocks and pebbles can be incredibly versatile for interior decor displays.  Whether shop-bought or foraged finds, they can make for wonderful collections in jars and bowls, or even as art.

If you’re a dab-hand at painting, look up some pebble art designs and get daubing. There are literally thousands of painted pebble ideas on pinterest that you can use for inspiration and they make for a wonderful personalised display arranged on your windowsill. Dot them around your plant pots, use them as book-ends, or even create your own candle holders like the ones pictured.

For more pebble-craft ideas, try these suggestions from


Office space


Whether you’re working from home, studying or just looking for a space to be creative, placing your desk in front of your windowsill can be a great solution.

Not only do you benefit from all that natural light to work by as it streams in through the window, the window ledge offers a handy space to keep your working tools – whether that be books, pens, folders, arty or sewing supplies.

It leaves your desk clutter-free so you have more space to spread out, and your view will be far more interesting than a blank wall.

Try it temporarily with a table and, if you find you love it, you could consider making it a permanent fixture by extending your windowsill with a built-in desk.


Make your sill a stand-alone statement piece


It doesn’t have to be all about what’s on your windowsill, the sills themselves can be stand-alone statement pieces in your room.

Change it up and get creative with materials to install a windowsill designed for your space. This could be a bespoke piece of oak, something made of slate or stone or choose some decorative tiles you adore.


A reading nook


If you’re lucky enough to have windowsills deep enough to sit in, create yourself a cosy corner to curl up with a good book! All you need is a few cushions, a blanket, a reading lamp for when the light fades and, of course, a few of your favourite tomes.

Or you can just sit and watch the world go by from your home-made window seat.


Books for looks


Books can be great to look at, even when you’re not reading them. A stack of antique books are a clever choice to complete a windowsill arrangement and can also add an air of mystery – and a talking point for visitors.

You can often pick up old leather-bound volumes in antique stores and charity shops, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in town. The more weathered, the more interesting they can appear.

If you need our help in ensuring your windowsills are dry and draught-free to accommodate your creative touches, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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