Does your winter heating bill get you hot under the collar?

Does it feel like winter’s been with us for a very long time?


Perhaps it’s because we were spoilt last year with a fabulous summer - but that seems a far distant memory to us right now! If the last couple of years are anything to go by, we may still have some battening of hatches to do. The Beast from the East brought snow through to March last year (sorry to remind you).

With the cold snap comes the inevitable rising costs of heating your home. When you’re trying to heat an old building, especially one that has listed features like windows that can’t be modernised, those costs can become more acute.

Do you nudge the dial on the thermostat with a sense of dread, knowing the resulting energy bill will get you hot under the collar?

Why go through it every winter when secondary glazing can provide a long-term solution, helping keep the temperature up, and the winter bills down in even the draughtiest old building? And there’s no impact on a property’s listed status, or the look of your home.

We’re not talking small changes in heat, or financial savings. Secondary glazing reduces heat loss by up to 50%, a significant statistic as the diagram below shows.

To find out the technical details of how this is achieved, you can read more about the thermal properties of our bespoke secondary glazing system here.

The feedback we very often get following installation of our secondary glazing is, “I wish I’d done it years ago!”. The owner of Brook House in Warwickshire said exactly that after we’d worked on her home.

Brook House in Warwickshire

Former cottages saved from demolition and made into a single residence in the 1960s, Brook House was painstakingly renovated using reclaimed materials such as old beams (complete with so-called witches' marks), gravestones (for the fireplace) and an impressive cast iron spiral staircase rescued from a Coventry bookshop during the Blitz. It is an impressive sight and considered one of the most important buildings in the conservation area to which it belongs.

The original windows were its only downfall. Nine of the original casement windows remain intact and together form an important part of the overall look and style of the house but, they’re single glazed with very thin glass. This made them draughty and prone to condensation, as well as being useless at shutting out the noise from the village green opposite. 

Our glazing solution made a difference to both the warmth and sound-proofing of the house.

You can read the full story here.


And it doesn’t just work on cosy cottages, scale is no object! Our glazing has resulted in great benefits for the community of monks at Ampleforth Monastery, a stunning building in historic York dating back to 1802.

 Our glazing has resulted in great benefits for the community of monks at Ampleforth Monastery, a stunning building in historic York dating back to 1802.

Here we fitted around 150 windows, a selection of horizontal sliding units and slimline units onto the second and third floors of the building. We’re delighted to report that the client is thrilled with the work and the monks are enjoying the benefits of warmer living quarters.

More details of this project are detailed here.


So, if you’d like those inflated heating bills to become a distant memory (like this cold weather we’re having right now) ask us how we can help. Simply give us a call on 01384 63 63 65 or email You can also contact us using the form on our website.



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