Great results in acoustic testing

Modern life is noisy.


It’s wise to keep the noise out. But this can prove easier said than done when your period home isn’t fitted with the glazing to cope.

Older properties which may once have stood on a deserted country road, or far from the daily grind, now find themselves amid a hub of activity. Even moderate levels of noise pollution can affect our health. Secondary glazing is an ideal solution, helping you block out a considerable amount of outdoor noise. This means your home isn’t just warmer and cosier, it’s an all-round more pleasant place to be with peace and quiet restored.

Science has already played a large part in the development and production of our window systems. That’s why we have invested in a new acoustic test which took place Salford University, to ensure we can continue to innovate and look after our clients’ best interests, check out the results on our website.

Following rigorous acoustic testing, we now also have irrefutable proof of their auditory protective properties and can confidently declare our sealed glazing units are the slimmest on the market to offer such high-performance protection from both drafts and noise. Together with their ease-of-use and imperceptible installation, our window systems truly are leaders in their field for period homes, listed and historic buildings where the preservation of feature windows is of paramount importance.


Acoustic testing


The acoustic test procedure adopted follows that detailed in BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 - “Acoustics – Laboratory measurements of sound insulation of building elements; Part 2: Measurement of airborne sound insulation.”

The test involved installing Storm’s glazing units in an aperture between two rooms, producing a known sound field in the source room and then measuring the resultant sound level difference in the receiving room. The tests covered a frequency range of 50Hz to 5,000Hz.

Results showed Storm glazing consistently reduced noise levels by 40%.


Acoustic reductions


Storm- acoustic analysis

The above readings were achieved in conjunction with an original sash window.

To have a conclusive case study of how our system performs under intense acoustic testing will adds immensely to our portfolio of benefits, and enables our windows to pass further planning specification demands.

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