Helping transform Overton House - a landmark Cheltenham building

We love seeing beautiful old buildings modernised and re-purposed, so they can be enjoyed and used every day. Combining old and new is a great way of retaining the charm and heritage of an area, whilst providing practical and functional space either for the community or commercial use.


The Wetherspoons chain of pubs are a great example, keeping history alive in old cinemas, theatres and period properties by transforming them into characterful community spaces for all to enjoy.

Now, more and more companies are finding a home in historic buildings, choosing to re-invent the old rather than build new.  In fact, some of the most impressive modern offices can be found hiding away behind historical facades.

Even state-of-the-art, hi-tech companies like Google recognise the touch of class an old building can bring to your work space. Their Madrid office, housed in an old battery factory, certainly has the wow factor outside as well as in!

Whilst some may criticise the development of these works of architectural art, we see it as a crucial part of preserving these structures, and the personality of the place in which they reside. If left, they would surely become crumbling echoes of their glorious past.

That’s why we love getting involved in commercial developments where we know an old, beloved building will become a hub of activity once more. We see it as breathing new life into an empty shell, keeping them alive for future generations to enjoy.   

One of our latest projects is a perfect example of this, helping transform Overton House in the centre of Cheltenham into a welcoming, modern environment for staff of the Barnwood Trust, a charitable foundation that support people with disabilities and mental health problems.

As part of a £3million renovation project, our role is to ensure the building is more energy efficient and warm, through the fitting of heat-retaining secondary glazing.

Once complete, it will become a hub for the Trust’s staff, as well as an accessible, modern space for those who access their services.

You can find out more about the conversion of Overton House, and its exciting future, here.

If you’re an employer looking for ‘new’ premises, why not consider conversion and conservation of a historic building, rather than seeking out off-the-shelf office accommodation?

The history behind your office space can become a fantastic talking point, and there’s a certain kudos attached to working out of a grand space. It’s also a far more appealing prospect going to work every day, when you’re welcomed by such splendour every morning.

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