Homeowner - do you have secondary glazing?

If you don't have secondary glazing - here are a few FAQs outlining the benefits of bespoke secondary glazing and the difference it can make to your home.

Q: Is secondary glazing really worth it?
A: Most definitely - within the constraints set by Conservation Officers, who limit the replacement of original features and windows, secondary glazing provides the compromise to provide modern comforts to your home. It's a cost effective way of lowering your heating bills by eliminating draughts and improving heat retention. We offer a K glass option which is a low emissivity glass for optimum thermal insulation. Additionally secondary glazing can greatly improve the noise reduction to your home whilst keeping in line with conservation requirements.

Q: How does it cut heating bills?
A: Secondary glazing creates a thermal break preventing cold transfer from the primary glazing to the secondary glazing. As single glazing is a poor insulator of heat, the addition of secondary glazing provides an excellent thermal barrier which is as good as, or better than double glazing.

Q: How much can outside noise be reduced?
A: You will notice a significant improvement in noise insulation of your property. Our minimal cavity between the primary and secondary glazing allows period features such a shutters to remain operable whilst still making great improvements to the noise insulation of your property.

Q: I have an older property, is secondary glazing still suitable?
A: Yes. Our slimline secondary glazing has been designed for listed and historic properties to compliment the primary window when appearance plays an important role and authenticity is essential. We pride ourselves on ensuring our product remains in keeping with your existing décor and the finished result is as unobtrusive as possible. Our slimline system has been approved by Conservation Officers across the country making our product an ideal solution for properties which require Listed Building Consent.

Q: How do I obtain a quotation?
A: We offer a totally free and no obligation survey at your property. Our Surveyor/Installer will take measurements and our estimator, Guy Griffiths will prepare your accurate quotation. Alternatively if you would like to submit approximate dimensions and photographs via email, we are happy to provide a budget quotation to supply an indicative price for the supply, manufacture and installation of our secondary glazing system.


Storm have an expert team of craftsmen whose skills allow them to replicate the varying features of historic primary windows, regardless of shape, and using our handcrafted techniques can reproduce the idiosyncrasies of the original window. Our expertise, and the continual development of our products, ensures that all of our glazing works seamlessly with the fabric of the original building.

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