Spring into action with your annual house maintenance

We’re loving seeing the blossom on trees and beautiful daffodils in gardens as we drive around the UK to our various clients’ premises. Spring is finally here, meaning we can un-batten the hatches a little and recover from the gales and wintry weather.

You probably have the armoury of cleaning products at the ready for the big spring freshen-up. But do you use this time of year to do some general maintenance checks on your property as well - inside and out?

British winters can be harsh on our homes. Icy pipes can cause leaks, roof tiles can dislodge and paint can peel. Coping with the aftermath can be costly, and there’s often no guarantee you’ll escape similar happening again next year.

When it comes to looking after your property, prevention is always better than cure. Our advice is to ensure your home is well-insulated, draught-proof and as winter ready as possible before the storms start. Spring-time checks, therefore, shouldn’t be all about responding to repair works, they should help plan improvements that could eliminate problems in the future.

Keeping your home toasty throughout the winter months will help reduce the risks of damage when the cold-spell hits, so here’s our top tips for preventative maintenance that can help get your home winter-ready in spring:

1 - Heating System

Heating System

Leaving your home unheated, even for a short period of time, in the winter months can cause pipes to freeze and burst. The best way to prevent boiler issues is to keep on top of your annual servicing. Spring is a great time to hire in an expert who can give your boiler a professional check-over. Alongside the regular service, ask if they can top-up the chemical inhibitor, which can prevent corrosion within the heating system making it more efficient. It’s also worth insulating your water tank and any exposed pipes. Most plumbers are able to do this for you cheaply and easily.

2 - Guttering


Water can cause a great deal of damage over time and blocked or damaged guttering can be a major culprit. Damp and leaks can often start from water running down your external walls. A spring-time check is well worthwhile to make sure leaves and silt are cleared, guttering is still well-secured and downpipes are intact.

3 - Windows


Ensuring your windows are draught-proof and thermally insulated will help keep the cold out and the warmth in when wintry weather strikes. Fuel bills can sky-rocket if you’re leaking heat through single glazed windows, but it’s not always possible to replace them completely for double-glazed units, especially if you’re in a listed property or have non-standard sizes. Secondary glazing is an ideal alternative that will fit any shape, size and style without compromising on aesthetics. It also helps reduce noise, so whistling wind keeping you awake will be a thing of the past.

4 - Roof


Making sure your roof tiles are still intact and even during the brighter months can prevent major headaches later in the year. It’s something we don’t always think to check, but problems can often be spotted from a visual inspection. Insulation can also make a huge difference to your heat retention and utility bills throughout the winter.

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