Storm at Lindisfarne Castle

Earlier this year, we were awarded a contract to install secondary glazing at the National Trust Lindisfarne Castle. We were asked to install 18 units in total, with the project being amongst the most prestigious we have ever undertaken.

We were chosen over other installers for various reasons, including our substantial experience in working on listed properties and our previous successes with National Trust properties. It was a project that we couldn’t wait to get stuck into, especially given the historical importance of the structure and the dramatic position it commands on the north east coast.

About the Castle

The Castle itself is located in the Holy Island, Northumberland and is one of the UK’s most well-known destinations. The castle was first intended to defend the island from Scottish invaders when the relationship between England and Scotland were extremely volatile. After the relationship between the two countries thawed, it went on to become a tourist attraction and it still attracts thousands of visitors every year to its stunning location.

It has also appeared in various films and TV dramas over the years such as The Scarlet Pimpernel and Cold Feet.

Storm Windows fitting bespoke secondary glazing at Lindisfarne Castle

Our brief

Our work on the project was delayed at the start due to factors outside of our control such as the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ but finally got underway after our surveyor Oliver Parkes completed the manufacturing survey and the frame colour was approved back in May 2018.

The architect first contacted us about the project way back in October 2016 so it certainly was a long time in the planning. The order was then placed with us via the main contractor in February this year. We were assigned to replace a very old secondary glazing system with 18 new units. This system required swift replacement, with the rooms being in constant use so we had to put a carefully planned schedule of work together.

We also worked closely alongside DATIM Building Contractors to coordinate the timing of the project.

Storm Windows fitting bespoke secondary glazing at Lindisfarne Castle

Obstacles we overcame

The architect sought out a slimline, discreet system capable of withstanding the harsh conditions regular faced by the Castle. Access was limited due to tide times, and we were instructed to provide the least visible system we possibly could. Hitches also came in the form of March’s various snow storms. We received news and weather reports throughout one weekend which informed us that the route was blocked, with pictures featuring snow-crusted waves. Though we expected the measure to be cancelled, we travelled to the island nonetheless, physically shifting the snow and ice with shovels, so we could reach it safely.

When we want to get on with a project, you can rest assured that nothing will get in our way!

Storm Windows fitting bespoke secondary glazing at Lindisfarne Castle

A successful collaboration

We made around four or five trips to the Castle in total, with rooms being accessible at different times, working around the main contractor leading the full renovation of the Castle. The installation was a smooth process with no significant issues (apart from the weather!). It was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding project to be involved with and it was great to play our part in preserving the history of the building so that people can continue to enjoy its superb setting and mystical charms.

Storm Windows fitting bespoke secondary glazing at Lindisfarne Castle

Contacting Storm

At Storm Bespoke Secondary Glazing, we specialise in providing window restoration services for historic and listed buildings. To find out more, call 01384 636365 or send an e-mail to Alternatively, make an enquiry via the website.



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