Why being in great shape is so important to us!

Feeling out of sorts because your windows are out of square? It’s not a problem for us - our bespoke service means we can help you, however odd or unusual your primary window shape is!

That’s because our specialist team of engineers individually manufacture all secondary glazed units by hand.

The process begins with our surveyors, who accurately measure your primary window, to very tight tolerances, and create an exact template for our craftsmen to use during manufacture. They are able to replicate the varying features of historic primary windows, regardless of shape, using our own hand-crafted techniques.

Our skilled team use aluminium sections, manipulating the material to follow the lines of the primary window, and reproduce the idiosyncrasies of the original. This technique allows us to confidently create a vast range of shaped units including but not limited to, gothic arches, norman arches, ogee, circular, arch tops and curved-in-plan.

Why being in great shape is so important to us!

Our company’s background in engineering has enabled us to push the boundaries of secondary glazing manufacture, and create secondary glazing which accommodates primary windows of almost any shape.

To get in touch with Storm today, simply give us a call on 01384 63 63 65 or call sales@stormwindows.co.uk. You can also contact us using the form on our website.



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