Why detail has our undivided attention

We spent last weekend talking to the owners of some of Britain’s most beautiful buildings, whilst exhibiting at the Listed Property Owners Show in London.

Hearing the passion people have for the architectural treasure in their care always re-ignites our passion for the work we do. It reminds us how much the detail matters.

Owners restoring properties are often meticulous in their attention to detail, and so they should be. They are custodians of historical architecture. A listed property is such because it has been deemed important, interesting, worthy of protection. It has been ear-marked as special. Buying such a property means you too feel it’s special, and signing the contract of ownership also binds you to become its protector.

From the masonry and roof tiles to the ironwork and paint, great consideration is given to every aspect of work undertaken at a listed property. The materials used matter, and so, of course, do the professionals that take on restorative or maintenance works.

These building custodians are entrusting you with their treasure. They’ve researched to find experts in their field who will love it, and look after it as they do. Understanding how important the detail is to them, is the cornerstone of our business. It’s why we’re chosen time and time again to work on prestigious projects.

Detail is everything, and it always has our undivided attention.

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