Listed Buildings

If your property is listed, this means that the building is of special architectural or historic interest. Being listed means that the property is legally protected for the purpose of its preservation.

Listed status imposes certain rules and regulations regarding works and alterations which narrows down the options to change the windows in your historic property.

Windows are one of the most important features of any listed building and they comprise a very significant part of the buildings history. However, most traditional windows are draughty and thermally inefficient. They do little to reduce outside noise either.

These issues need to be addressed to ensure a comfortable environment, which is where our bespoke secondary glazing can make a huge difference.

Many conservation officers recognise our secondary glazing as a discreet and sympathetic remedy to conserving energy in historic buildings, though we would always advise discussing your plans with your conservation officer before proceeding. They may still require you to obtain listed building consent before any installation can commence.

Our system, with its slimline nature, offers a reduction in thermal loss, an increase in acoustic performance and is fully reversible (can be removed) whilst causing almost no impact to the fabric of the building. 

Case study

Mere Hall is one of the largest-timber framed buildings in the county and the only Grade I listed private dwelling in Worcestershire. The multi-gabled Grade I listed house was built in 1610, though there are remnants of a house begun in 1337 within the structure.

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