Museums and Libraries

Museums and libraries house important information, historical literature, artwork, tapestries and artefacts, generally in buildings of importance and significance.

Many of these buildings are listed or within a conservation area so it is of paramount importance not to compromise the visual impact of the windows both internally and externally. 

Storm bespoke secondary glazing provides a sympathetic solution to every type of window from arched/bow top, out of square and even curved-in-plan.

UV Protection

Many of the historical collections and archives stored in museums and libraries require protection from sunlight, which can damage  paintings, sculptures and books on display over time. With the installation of our bespoke secondary glazing and the addition of our clear UV film which is applied to the glass, these destructive rays are reduced by up to 98%.

Noise Reduction

Many visitors to museums and libraries would prefer a quiet and relaxed environment in which to enjoy their visit, or carry out their research. Where possible, Storm’s bespoke secondary glazing is fitted within the staff beads of the primary glazing, and even at this proximity can reduce noise levels by 38-41dB.

This helps to provide more suitable surroundings for studying and learning, along with a glazed finish which will not detract from the original windows.

Thermal Efficiency

The added benefit to the installation of secondary glazing is the thermal efficiency it provides to your historical building. The thermal break created reduces heat loss and prevents draughts, creating a pleasant, ambient temperature for visitors.

Case study

Marianne North, daughter of MP Frederick North, had an interest in travel and was blessed with a natural artistic talent. She travelled widely painting hundreds of plants and natural habitats as she moved from country to country. In 1879 she offered to build a gallery to display her life's work and in 1881 the Marianne North Gallery at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, designed by architectural historian James Ferguson was completed.

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