Creating a comfortable working environment is essential to the health and wellbeing of your employees.

The installation of Storm bespoke secondary glazing is an effective way of eliminating draughts, improving thermal efficiency and warmth, and reducing distraction caused by unwanted noise.

Energy Conservation

With prime location office space at a premium, there is a greater need to convert original town and city centre buildings into office blocks. These buildings were often built without the forethought of energy conservation which is now a much more important factor.

The installation of Storm bespoke secondary glazing can help in preserving the existing primary glazing whilst improving the overall energy efficiency. It will help to  create a much more pleasant and warm work space for your staff.

Our System

Our discreet and slimline solution is hand-crafted from aluminium section allowing us to manipulate the fabric to follow the existing lines of the primary glazing. This enables us to cater for a variety of window shapes, including but not limited to, bow/arch tops, out of square and even curved-in-plan.

Noise Reduction

A further requirement for city centre office blocks is to minimise disruption caused by outside noise, from trains, traffic and construction sites. An independent acoustic report has shown results of Storm bespoke secondary glazing to reduce noise levels by 38-41 dB when fitted within the staff beads.

The Installation

We do our utmost to ensure minimal disruption to the everyday running of your office during the installation of the secondary glazing, including fitting outside of normal working hours if required.



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